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Hello and welcome to the Wide World of Novel Writing!

and here he comes! Here comes Hardy, walking out towards his desk. He looks confident, he looks relaxed, very much the man in form, as he acknowledges this very good-natured bank holiday crowd. And the crowd goes quiet now, as Hardy settles himself down at the desk, body straight, shoulders relaxed, pen held lightly but firmly in the right hand. He dips the pen…in the ink, and he’s off! -Monty Python’s Flying Circus

I am not a full-time writer, neither have I published a novel (…yet) but I am a NaNoWriMo enthusiast, a book-a-holic, and a how-to-write-a-novel book junkie. I am also a recently graduated English major who loves Victorian literature (and yes, that includes Jane Eyre).

What I like to write: YA light fantasy, sci fi, supernatural mysteries

What I like to read: YA/children’s novels, chick lit, suspense/thrillers, mysteries, 19th century British literature, Discover magazine



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