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NaNoWriMo Day #56 December 26, 2010

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Although NaNoWriMo is officially over (nearly a month ago), it is still the official edit-your-novel month. And I need to get out the novel that I abandoned halfway through the month and work on it some more–rediscover the characters, revel in the impossibly unrealistic plot. Because it isn’t cheating to work on your novel beyond November 30th–it’s the whole point!

As Mary Stewart wisely said in one of her novels: “There is no room for pride in a marriage.” And the same goes for novel writing. It is incumbent on the writer to go humbly to the computer (or the notepad) everyday–or maybe once a week for the busy–and improve their relationship with their novel. It’s no good to stand your novel up or look around for greener pastures (aka the television), because if you ignore your novel for too long, it begins to ignore you too. When you come back to writing after a while, your efforts to create vivid 3D characters turn into soggy cardboard cutouts and your plot begins to sound either like a how-to manual for doing laundry or a ten year-old’s English essay.

HOWEVER: If you work hard on your relationship with your novel (maybe buying a new pencil now and then) the benefits will be tremendous. Your writing will start to improve, you’ll have a better creative outlet than just wondering what to have for dinner, and you will find success! (results may vary)



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