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The NaNoWriMo Saga: Days 1 and 2 November 2, 2010

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Well, hello. I’m back from a long blogging hiatus…And it’s November! One of the most exciting noveling months of the year!

And that’s because it’s National Novel Writing Month, Chris Baty’s lovely little brainchild. Because I needed to put some more pressure on making sure that this month is the first month that I’ll win, I planned on writing a blog post for every noveling day as well as roughly 1667 words of fiction 🙂 (However, today will be two days in one).

Day 1: After spending two exciting weeks arduously planning my novel (one in August and on the last week in October when I suddenly remembered that it would be November soon) I started the morning of November 1st in high hopes. This would finally be my year! I wouldn’t have to worry about homework, or finishing my thesis, or the allure of pub quizzes abroad. And I couldn’t wait to start writing, so I began right at lunchtime writing on a spare pad of paper. Pen in one hand and sandwich in the other.

But a strange thing happened. I suddenly decided that I wanted to change around the whole plot completely. And the little page that I had just written sounded nothing like my original idea. It might have been simmering around somewhere the night before when I was watching part of “Tomorrow Never Dies” and thinking that I could never write a spy novel as well as that…even Ian Flemming couldn’t write a spy novel as good as the movie. But that meant that meant that I had to cut out a large chunk of my characters. Goodbye New Zeland spies, goodbye Kremlin! I decided to limit myself to only two spies: one MI-5 and one CIA…and of course a cameo by that Russian family from Cambridge.

And I also found that I had not planned ahead as well as I had thought. I had forgotten to think up names for any of my characters. So I pulled anything that sounded interesting within my field of vision and if I actually put in someone’s real name, I apologize in advance…but at least I thought your name was interesting.

At the end of the day…late at the end of the day, I went OVER my word quota and have a proper mess of everything on my hands!

Day 2: Today started out bright and chilly. And when I say chilly, I mean FREEZING. I listened to my Sherlock Holmes book on tape on my way to work as per my usual habit, and put my novel out of my mind. It was there, calling to me, but I ignored its pleas.

Novel: “Why won’t you try to think about me on your way to work?”

Me: “Because I don’t like the way you’ve started. The first person narration is a mess and there were characters who just popped up out of nowhere. I don’t need them and I’m not going to use them.”

Novel: “But don’t think of that, just continue on. Write some more.”

Me: “I’ll think about it…”

So here I am, nearing the end of the second day and we’ll see how things go. I’m planning to add some more setting description to the first few pages and then I’m going to try to push on.



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