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Spot the Villain! September 2, 2010

Posted by laurenrobbins6 in Characters.
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Warehouse 13

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So, you may be wondering what place TV shows have on a writing blog? Well, because, as I learned one cold January at Hampshire College, screenwriting takes just as much creativity and skill as novel-writing. And, quite frankly, uses the same techniques (which Jasper Fforde takes rather literally). So, in the latest episodes of one of my favorite shows–Warehouse 13–they have presented a plot-based quandary. They got rid of the “bad guy” from the last season and have now introduced a new villain–H.G. Wells. This H.G. Wells is portrayed a bit differently in that he’s a she and has been in “hibernation” in bronze until the 21st century when the old Warehouse 13 villain ceremoniously passed the torch off to her. However, these past couple of episodes, she’s become helpful and decent and the past episode seemed a bit transparent…

In fact, there was such a lack of a conflict that they had to put in a temporary villain who, I must say, was a bit of a cliché. The conflict was that the son of a Russian cold war contact went after a character’s whole extended family in Russia. He really looked like he was in the Russian mob and, actually, that would have been an interesting twist. It was what they seemed to imply in the previews–that the Russian mob had magical artifacts (a terrifying thought). However, it was only one quintessential made-for-movies Russian mob member with slicked back hair and no identifiable personality. And Artie’s family was in no real danger. The whole episode seemed like more of a plot device to kill off the nosy, inquisitive CIA characters.

And they brought back this kid who I thought they were going to bump off after two episodes. Well, apparently, they decided to have him back on one last episode as really being (drumroll please) in the witness protection program. Since the screenwriter so far has not let me down, I’m inclined to wait it out and see what the next episode brings. And for now, it will be fun to try to spot the villain!

If I were to predict what might happen, I would say that H.G. Wells would still act as the villan and slowly betray the organization from the inside out. And maybe the kid hacker who’s in the witness protection agency will be chased by a mob with magical artifacts and be forced to stay in the Warehouse, or at least pass through again. And there might also be trouble coming from higher up authorities as well. Really, this is a great excercise to test your plotting skills. Just take your favorite tv show and think up what plot twists you would put in.



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