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Plinky Prompts July 8, 2010

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After dragging my heels a bit about signing up for plinky prompts, I finally gave it a try and really enjoyed it. And who doesn’t like answering questions about themselves? (This might be the reason that rampant Facebook quizzes are so popular).

This also sparked a revelation. While plinky is designed for people who don’t know what to put on their blog posts, it can also be useful for the regular kind of writer’s block as well, outside of the blogosphere. For instance, today’s prompt is–Describe your dream vacation. This could be used for a number of things:

1) You could describe your personal dream vacation

2) If you are stuck on character development, you could imagine what their dream vacation would be like (and try to make it unusual to avoid stereotyping)

3) You could take a second look at your dream vacation and use that as a setting for your next story

Plinky acts as a virtual writing prompt book. And, if you’re anything like me and flip through a writing prompt book to get to the good prompts, it helps you pace yourself and encourages you to work with just the one prompt you’re given. It is also good in that it encourages writing every day–using the prompts to write well or creatively will help you ultimitely improve your writing.



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